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Is Pure and Simple Apple Cider Vinegar Gluten Free?


What is the acetic acid content of Pure and Simple Apple Cider Vinegar?

The acetic acid content of Pure and Simple Apple Cider Vinegar is between 4.0 – 4.2%

What is the pH of vinegar?


Sometimes there is sediment, cobweb like or large jelly like discs floating in my vinegar. What is it and is it harmful?

This is known as “Mother of Vinegar” and due to the natural fermentation process used to make Pure and Simple vinegar; it may develop in the product over time. “Mother of Vinegar” is a cellulose substance made up of various Acetobacter (the bacteria used to make the vinegar). It occurs when fermentation of the vinegar is not completed fully and some of the original culture continues to grow in the bottle. Whilst unsightly, it is harmless and tasteless and does not affect the vinegar’s performance.

How do I get rid of the Mother of Vinegar?

Why would you?

What varieties of apples are used to make Apple Cider Vinegar?

Mature Mixed Malang.

How should I store my vinegar?

Optimum storage temperatures are between 10-16°C. Vinegar should be stored below 27°C.

Does Apple Cider Vinegar vary in colour?

YES! As each batch of Pure and Simple vinegar is naturally brewed there will be some natural colour variation between batches.


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